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Laurie  Hedlund
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Laurie Hedlund

Laurie has been a great coach and friend for many years. She has helped me ride better, enjoy it more, and look better doing it, and the different horses I have ridden with her seem to appreciate the difference.
Laurie is polite and empathetic to horse and rider – this makes the ‘medicine’ easier to swallow, and she seems to have ideas and exercises for every situation. Her encyclopedic knowledge of terms and definitions have helped me many times, and saved me from riding bad, wrong movements at home and at shows (again, horses, as well as judges, appreciate this.)
Last month during an extended visit to our area, I had the great experience of having Laurie coach me at a show. She was encouraging and instructive in the warm-up but not overwhelming. After each test, she sat down with me and went through the tests line by line – she strives to help the rider improve at the show by letting them pick just two movements to work on for the next ride, to get results without getting frazzled. Personal-best scores for me and my horse certainly reflected Laurie’s help at that show.
All disciplines and breeds are made to feel welcome at Laurie’s clinics, (just wear your best, whatever it is! Laurie always looks neat and professional.) She knows how to teach balance and effectiveness, with style and grace, and that looks good, and is good, no matter who you are.

Sandy Collins
Wilmette, IL
USDF bronze and silver medalist

I had the great pleasure to ride with Laurie for a couple Clinics in Wichita and two weeks last spring at Woodridge Farm. I sadly have to say that I am back in Germany since March and just miss her dearly. I have a few pictures that she took of me while I was there and thought I would send them. If they fit into what you need you are more than welcome to use them. She did a wonderfull job and I can”t speak to highly of her. The development Finnegan went through thanks to Laurie not only in the clinics before but also just in those 2 weeks was amazing.
C. Ebi

Laurie is an instructor at the highest level. She has a special talent for systematically showing any rider and horse combination how to progress and form a partnership with their horse. She can immediately identify the horse or the rider’s problem and know exactly how to fix it. Laurie is quiet and kind, never forcing or punishing, always encouraging. To ride with her is always a fun and a learning experience.
Mike and Shasta Corcoran

Available for Lessons-Beginner to Grand Prix, Clinics and Judging Shows

Laurie Hedlund
Hedlund Dressage LLC